Never Die

Icons, stepping on pythons
Spitting that cayenne,
Eat ya like Zion,
Peaking at the skyline
Reaching for the stars like
I’m reaching for the pylon
I sent ya on the sideline
We need to walk a fine line
We need to read the guidelines
Instead of reading the timelines
Where everybody like lying
Nobody flow like mine
I’m sonning these niggas
Got me coaching niggas like Prime
Tongue, I never bite mine
Got dough like Taekwon
To spend all this money
I’ma have to spend a lifetime
You broke, can’t even buy time
Should throw niggas a lifeline
You know money’s on my mind
And I be on your wife’s mind
I hit her with the pipe bomb
Then pass her down the pipeline
But actually, we quite fine
Diamonds on me sparkling
And splashing like some white wine
They love me in the night time
They hate me when the light shine
Shots, I got a hundred
And problems, I got 99
Bugatti Veyron
Take off with no flight time
Bad bitch on the passenger side
She don’t even like flying
Booty soft as nylon
You niggas small as micron
I got a Black Nina
That get nasty as a white blonde
Low credit, high crime
Open mind, tight rhymes
When they hear my lines
These rappers gotta catch up like Heinz
Weezy and my slime
Nas, ain’t nobody like ours
Like bygones
Gotta let icons be icons, hi moms.

Lil Wayne (A guest verse from “Never Die” by Nas)