Fixing The Driveway

We haven’t done much to our driveway for more than 10 years. The other day, a contractor stopped by and give me a quote for $6,000 to redo the entire driveway. I politely declined. Why would I spend $6,000 on a driveway just to park my fucking cars? I decided to do it on my own via YouTube video. Even if I fuck it up, my cars will cover the surface anyway.

On Friday, I bought the materials. Unfortunately it had been raining. Late afternoon Sunday, the sun finally came out. I enlisted Đạo and Đán to help. We patched up the big holes and almost done filling in the cracks. The boys complained how hot it was working in the heat. They would rather sit in front of their devices and play video games. I wanted to experience what it is like to work hard so they can study hard instead.

Here’s the breakdown of what I had spent:

  • 2 of 1-gallon crack fillers ($10 each): $20
  • 3 of 2-gallon trowel patch ($22 each): $66
  • 3 of 3.5-gallon super patch ($20 each): $60
  • A steel tamper: $40

Total: $186

After filling and patching, we’ll seal it up.