A Pair of Glasses & Parental Advice

Today I dodged the $150 AC service, but spent $200 for a pair of prescription glasses. My eye insurance kicked into this month; therefore, I better get an annual eye exam and a pair of prescription glasses. I chose a Huge Boss frame made in Italy. My first priority is to look at where the frame was made. I didn’t want any frame made in China. Base on my own experience, frames made in China didn’t last long. I had to paid $80 out of pocket for the frame and $120 for the lens. I kept the lens basic with no anti-glaring and no transitioning.

My optometrist is Vietnamese American. She is very nice. We chat a bit and she revealed that her oldest daughter is in her third year of optometry and her second daughter is starting medical school. Her youngest son is in tenth grade. I asked for her parental advice and she told me that she just kept telling her daughters to go to school. She didn’t want anything from them. She just wanted them to school. As a minority in America, school is the only path to success and better future. She didn’t pressure them into becoming optometrist or doctor. She just wanted to to finish school.

Reminding our kids to go to school doesn’t sound like a hard task. I will take her advice and will see if it will work. I paid $200 for a pair of glasses and parental advice. The price might be worth it.