Taking Care of My Client’s Site

Yesterday I noticed Everlasting Eye Care website was not working. I called the hosting provider on my client’s behalf. The technician wouldn’t do anything without the site’s owner verification. I called the owner, but she didn’t pick up the home. I had to ended the call with the hosting technician.

I logged into the cPanel to see if I could figure the issue myself. I noticed that the SSL/TLS status page showed warning errors. I reset the name servers from Cloudflare back to the hosting provider’s defaults. The site worked again without HTTPS. I went back to the SSL/TLS status page and ran AutoSSL. The site worked on HTTPS again.

I did all of this for my client on a Sunday evening without charging a penny. It just felt right to take care of my client’s site. The site owner is a good friend and I am terrible at doing business.

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