Edged the Sidewalk and Washed the Deck

I woke up this morning and made myself a vegetable omelet to give me the energy to edge the sidewalk. After the smaller side was done, I took the kids to the skatepark. We skated for an hour and went back home for Mother’s Day lunch. We enjoyed BBQ on the deck we washed last week.

After lunch, my brother-in-law drove his family home. My sister-in-law also drove her kids home. I went back out to continue edging the sidewalk. My kids went out and helped me. We finished the job around 5:30 pm. I couldn’t believe edging the sidewalk took the entire day. Just like washing the deck last week took an entire day—even with the kids helped out a bit.

I would be lying if I say that I enjoyed doing these things. I didn’t, but I had to. I wished I could spend time doing something else. I still have more maintenance to do. Next week I have to take the kids to scouting camping. The following week, our family will have another camping weekend. I need to mow the lawn on a weekday next week.

Welcome to the summertime joy!

Bonjour Vietnam