Toyota Sienna 2011 (170,000-Mile Oil Change)

Took my car to the dealer for an oil change and received the following recommendations:

  • Oil & filter change, 6 cylinder, synthetic oil includes checking under-hood fluid levels and tire pressures in four-road wheels: $88.02
  • CV Boot Cover Replacement: Right CV Boots leaking. Recommend replacing CV boots (inner and outer): $816.59
  • Ball Joint Replacement (Lower: Boots leaking, worn): $908.25
  • Alignment: $139.66
  • Timing Cover Gasket: Leaking oil (Original factory seal): $4200.79
  • Tune Up: Including spark plugs and PCV valve: $1150.36
  • BG Transmission Synthetic Fluid Service: $420.26

Total: $7,723.93

I declined all the services except for the first item. I will be looking into an alternative shop from Vietnamese technicians.