Chris Rock: Selective Outrage

In his latest Netflix special, Chris Rock had many things to get off his chest. He tackled selected wokeness: people still play Michael Jackson’s music but not R. Kelly’s. He stood with the pro-choice: women can kill their kids up to four years old. Obviously, that’s satirical.

He pointed out the divisiveness in America politics: Republicans lie; Democrats leave out key parts of the truth. He complimented on female beauty: his ex-wife has as much money as he does and she isn’t even funny. If Beyoncé were to work at Burger King, she would still marry JAY-Z. In contrast, if JAY were working at Burger King, it would not have been the same.

That was Rock’s transition into the moment we were all waiting for: his response to the Oscar incident last year. He slapped back not only at Will Smith, but also his wife. He reserved the last 8 minutes of the show to eviscerate them and dropped the mic. As the master of crafting and timing his materials, Rock remains one of the best comics in America. Selective Outrage is highly entertaining.