Replacing CMS

It seems as if the top has determined to migrate off MODX to a CMS that would provide a live editing capability. MODX has been great to work with for over a decade and has proven to be a solid content manage system. If I were to make the decision, I would not switch it to anything else. The decision, however, is not for me to make; therefore, I will let it go.

On the positive side, I will no longer have to maintain the system, which was part of my responsibilities carried over from when I was still a web developer. I won’t have to worry if the site needs upgrade, goes down, or gets hacked. Until we migrated over to MODX Cloud several years ago, I lost countless nights of sleep worrying about the website. I was stressed out because it was on my mind the whole time. I still bear the responsibility of the website, but I feel less stress because the site is now managed and secured on MODX Cloud.

When we move off MODX, I will focus my attention on being director of design and web services without having to be hands-on like I am doing now. So yes, let’s bring on a new CMS to replace MODX. I am all in.

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