Full-Screen Banner

As I am working on the redesign for Scalia Law website, I am doing some research on the top-ranking law schools to see what they are up to these days. I checked out Yale, Stanford, University of Chicago, Columbia as well as our peers including Wake Forest, OSU, and Georgetown. The trend I am seeing is that every site uses a full-screen banner on the homepage.

We were not using full-screen banners because they required large images. We had three or more rotating banners, which tripled up our homepage loading time. If we wanted to take the full-screen route, I suggested that we only load one banner at a time, which is what I am seeing on these sites. They are moving away from the slider. I proposed that we load a different banner each time someone visits our homepage.

To perform a random load, I searched up MODX and I could not find anything simple like a PHP random function. Then I came across the &sortby=`RAND()` parameter from the getResources extra. Here’s the code for that:

[[!getResources? &parents=`12345`  &tpl=`RandomHomepageBanner` &limit=`1` &showHidden=`0`    &includeTVs=`1` &tvPrefix=``  &sortby=`RAND()`]]

I showed the mockup and it was approved. I implemented it on our homepage. Somehow a full-screen banner made our site more “modern.”