Toyota Sienna 2011 AC Recharged

It has been hot as hell driving the Toyota Sienna 2011 in the summer since the A/C no longer blowing out cool air. The dealer wanted to charge me $189 to fix the issue. I recalled someone told me about AC recharge, but I could not find anything on YouTube. On Saturday, my wife told me about the product called A/C Pro ACP-100 Ultra Synthetic R-134a Car Refrigerant Kit, 20 oz and I picked it up at Walmart for $37 yesterday.

Then I found the official video on YouTube on how to recharge your car A/C. The process took about two minutes and I had my A/C back. The kids and I were rejoiced. We went to the skate park to rollerblade and Tea Do for boba teas and Street Fighter. I am not really a fan of Tea Do, but it has some classic arcade games for free. The kids loved Street Fighter.