From GoDaddy to CloudFlare

On a whim, I transferred all my domains from GoDaddy to CloudFlare. I should have made the move a long time ago, but I was afraid I might screw up my domains. It turned out the the process was so darn easy because I have been using CloudFlare free services including SSL certificates, security measures, and speed benefits. All I needed to do was to select the domains and to get the authorizations from GoDaddy. CloudFlare takes care of the rest.

I registered all my domains with GoDaddy since 2003. While GoDaddy has been reliable, I wanted to support CloudFlare for the great services it offered for free for many years. CloudFlare has been a trustworthy tech company. It definitely helps making my websites more secure and faster.

Now that all of domains are all under CloudFlare, I couldn’t be happier. It is much easier to have everything in one place. I hope that CloudFlare won’t turn evil in the future.