My Shoe Size

I have discovered that I have been wearing the wrong shoe size all my life. Since I preferred to have some room in my toes, I had always pick size 8 (US), but my actual size is 6.5 (US). Now that I am used to skating shoes, my regular shoes feel weird. A few weeks ago, I bought a new pair of Adidas running shoes size 7 to replace my size-8 pair. Even then it still feels roomy. Recently, I took an audit of all my shoes and here are what I have found:


  • Adidas Running Shoes: 7 (US). The actual size should be 6.5
  • Flying Eagle Aggressive Skates: 39 – 40 (EU). This pair fits perfect.
  • Rollerblade Zetrablade: 8 (US). This pair is way too big for me. I only use it to skate on bike trails or boardwalk.
  • Bauer S29 Hockey Skates: 5.5D (US). This is a junior pair. It felt tight on me. I haven’t skated in it ever since I switched to my figure skates.
  • Jackson Ultima Ice Skates Freestyle Fusion: 6.5 (US), 39.5 (EU). This pair fits really well. I still wear this for ice skating.
  • Lance RX 120 Ski Boots: 25.5 (Mondo). I just bought this pair. It is brand new and I have not used it yet.


  • Head Skis: 149 cm. I love this pair. Despite its used condition, it took me from green all the way up to double black diamond last season.
  • K2 Skis: 153 cm. I also bought this one used. Will see how it will perform next season.

Protective Gears

Protective gears are very important for safety. I love these sports, but I can’t effort to take the risk.

  • Helmet: 22” – 23” (56 – 58 cm)
  • Wrist: 7” – 8”
  • Knee: 14” – 16”
  • Elbow: 10” – 11”

Wish list

I will purchase these when the prices are right.

  • USD Aeon Aggressive Skates
  • Three-Wheel Rollerblade