Ali Wong: Don Wong

Ali Wong’s third Netflix Special dropped on Valentine’s Day, but don’t expect any romantic materials from the foul-mouthed comedian who walks the fine line between vulgarity and authenticity. She defends feminism (money, power, and respect) and talks about taking cum on her face at the same time. How does it feel to cum on the face of a millionaire? She explains, “Sure, you’ve gotten head, but have you ejaculated onto a great American mind? Has your sperm swam in the eyes of an icon? Have you been deep-throated by a voice of a generation?” She is so damn nasty and yet brilliant. Success in the standup world is when you get high paid for talking shit. Ali Wong is full of shit and she knows it and capitalizes on it. Her writing is still sharp, witty, and punchy; therefore, her latest special is worth streaming.