The House of COVID

My sister and then my mom tested positive for COVID. They live together with my sister’s son. So far my nephew has not shown any symptoms. He is still waiting to be tested. My sister is very sick and can barely take care of herself.

My mom got hit hard. In addition to COVID, she has trouble walking. In the past few days, she fell off her bed several times trying to get up. I have no choice, but to help take care of her. Although I am putting myself at risk, I can’t abandon her when she needs me the most.

I consulted with my internist and a doctor friend. I understand all the precautions. I have geared up with masks, face shields, hand sanitizers, and a whole nine yards. I am still not sure if I will dodge this bullet. More than that, I am not sure if my mom will get through. I am extremely concerned about her.

All this time, I have been able to avoid COVID. I always take the precautions seriously. I wear a mask everywhere I go. I have never been social; therefore, social distance works for me. I never thought I would come this close to it, but here we are.