Moved to the MODX Cloud

After the disastrous failure of trying to upgrade MODX, which brought down the Scalia Law website for almost an entire day, I needed to make a move. It was an embarrassment and my reputation was on the line.

I looked into the possibility of moving the site to WordPress or Drupal. The development would be expensive and the migrating process would be long, but we needed to get off MODX or move off a dedicated server I managed.

I presented the options and explained the pros and cons to my supervisor, but she had another idea in mind. She was neither impressed with WordPress or Drupal. Moving almost 1,200 pages to another platform seemed scary and daunting. She suggested that we should look into MODX Cloud. My worries turned into excitement when she made that suggestion. I didn’t think it would be an option because I strongly advised that we move to MODX Cloud a few years ago, but it didn’t work out.

I immediately reached out to the MODX Cloud team and they offered to take care of the migration for us at no charge. In the past few weeks, they worked closely with me to make sure the migration went smoothly. They explained everything I needed to know. They moved and tested our site on their Cloud platform. They made suggestions to improve our site. I was amazed with the level of support they had provided us at no cost. We were more than happy to pay for the business package and a few extra options they offered.

For the first time in almost 10 years at Scalia Law, I feel so good about handing over this part of my job. A huge rock has been lifted off my chest. Server administration was never my strong suit. I rather have the experts taking care of the server and I take care of the design and the development parts of the site. The most stressful part of my job has migrated. I now can enjoy and focus on what I do best for the law school.

The Scalia Law website is now in a good home. Who can take better care of MODX than the creators themselves? The team was a pleasure to work with. Special thanks to Jay Gilmore and Veljko Mirkovic for their patience and expertise. I am so glad that we’ve made the move. Although MODX is small and its adoption is not as popular as WordPress or Drupal, it is still a powerful and flexible content management system. The people behind it are just phenomenal.