Separate RSS Feeds for Vietnamese and English

Nowadays I write more in Vietnamese than English. To spare my English readers from receiving my Vietnamese posts in their RSS reader, I decided to make two separate feeds.

I had thought about this for quite a while, but hadn’t come up with a simple, streamline solution until this morning. It just occurred to me that the simplest solution is using tags, which built into WordPress and RSS. I just need to tag my Vietnamese posts with “vi” and English posts with “en.” To subscribe to my RSS feed, you can now choose English only or Vietnamese only. If you can read both languages and want to get everything, you don’t need to do anything. The default feed still works.

I wish I can go back and tag every post with either English or Vietnamese, but sorting through 7,267 (as of this writing) is just not a good use of time. Fortunately, I can filter out my Vietnamese posts by searching for letters with diacritics such as “ô” or “đ,” which narrowed down to 690 posts. Using bulk actions, I can quickly tags my Vietnamese posts. Now that I have most of my Vietnamese posts tagged, I can add a CSS class and design something specifically for Vietnamese and English in the future. That should be fun.