I am Your CMS

These days, I no longer develop websites using a content management system. WordPress has become way too complicated for me. MODX is solid, but it is not a simple solution for small websites. I made a few projects with Kirby. Unfortunately the upgrade process is not automatic like WordPress. When I upgraded a client project from version 2 to version 3, I had to go through quite a bit of steps.

Another major problem with using the CMS is that once I hand over the sites, the clients would mess up the way I designed the sites. They added inline styles and changed fonts. The visual editors screwed up the markups. I still see this problem with the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress.

After giving up on using CMSs, I came to realize that I can offer my clients full support of their sites. For a few clients, I have designed, developed, and maintained the sites for them. I use nothing, but HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP to make the site easy to maintain and update. If they need to make updates once in a while, I can do so for hourly fees. They just drop me an email. If they update their website everyday, I am not the right designer for their project.

Because I do all the updates, I keep the markup clean. In addition, I have a copy of their website backup so they don’t have to worry about having their site hacked. Even if they were hacked, I can bright their site backup quickly. Our relationship becomes more like a partnership.

So if you have a need for a small website, I can help. Most projects will be less than $5,000. Let me be your designer, developer, and CMS. I will work with you to make your site fast, accessible, readable, and truly customized for your own brand. There will be no picking out templates like you do with other services.