Some Design Updates

Made the body text on this blog smaller and the leading a bit tighter. As I am writing longer posts these days, the body text needs to be smaller to improve readability.

On my professional portfolio, I swapped the body text from Roslindale Text, by David Jonathan Ross, to Frequenz, by Sebastian Losch. I kept Roslindale Display. I really love the contrast between a classic display face and a modern sans-serif body text.

I quietly switched out the wordmark for simplexpression. The new workmark is set in Roslindale. If you look closely, the first letter “s” and “ex” are set in Roslindale Italic. I had to make them a bit slanted because the “s” in Roslindale looks the same in normal and italic style. I wish the italic style is a bit different so I don’t have to make it slanted. For more of my logo design, check out my branding page.

I changed the typography for I Love Ngọc Lan as well. The new text face is Livvic, by Jacques Le Bailly and headers are set in Calistoga, by Yvonne Schuttler and Eben Sorkin. Just a bit of touching up the keep the sites stay fresh.