New Tires for 2011 Toyota Sienna

Writing down my mundane maintenances helps me keep track of my spending. For example, I replaced four brand new Michelin Premier at Costco in August 2018. For the entire year, I managed to miss two rotations because Costco’s service takes four to five hours.

Today I took my car in for a rotation and the technician that the two front tires were badly worn out. Even though I only drove 15,000 miles (125,000 miles to 135,000 miles) in 15 months, the warranty was voided because I missed the rotation.

I ended up replacing all four brand new Michelin Defender tires. I am definitely going to take my car for rotations every 5,000 miles from now on. If Michelin continues to wear out that quick, this will be my last time using its tires.

Total cost: $840