What’s Up with MODX?

The law school runs on MODX for over ten years. We migrate from Evolution to Revolution. MODX is a solid content management system. The infrastructure is robust, flexible, and secured. And yet it has never gained as much traction as WordPress, Drupal, and other open-source CMS. The community remains small.

I have been a bit fearful and skeptical about the future of MODX because my career depends on it. Will it go away if it won’t grow? Whenever I run into issues, I can’t find the solution or support I needed. Even on Twitter, MODX is not too active.

MODX has not made any revolutionary update, but it does a good job of putting out releases that fixed security issues. For the law school site, that is perfectly fine since we don’t do anything crazy, but just maintaining the content. I still wish that MODX is getting more traction so that it doesn’t stay behind. I think what they really need is a Matt Mullenweg for MODX.