Type Choices for Professional Web Typography

I became a fan of DJR’s work after I advised David on Vietnamese diacritics for Fit. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. He took my feedback and turned around with a new design almost instantly.

Last year, I bought a license of Turnip, one of my favorite text faces for screen reading, with the hope that David would extend it to support Vietnamese so I could feature Turnip on Vietnamese Typography. As I was thinking about revising and updating Professional Web Typography in the last several months, Turnip came to mind. Once I started setting body text in Turnip, I was pleased with the result immediately.

Because the book has a bit of sample codes, I needed a monospaced font to complement Turnip. Input Mono came to mind. I was glad that I could download Input for private use through Font Bureau . While testing, I also tried out Input Sans for small text and UI element. Because they worked out well together, I licensed both Input Mono and Input Sans.

For the book cover and big heading, I had another black display sans-serif in mind, but I settled on Forma DJR Chiaroscuro, which I already have access to as a proud member of Font of the Month Club, to complete the DJR typefaces. It was unintentional, but I am really happy that I ended up with all DJR typefaces.