ProWebType’s Version 2 is Coming

Professional Web Typography published in May 2015. I wrote it for my independent study as a graduate student in graphic design and for myself because I could not find a book that combined theory and practicality on web typography at the time.

By relying on my own experience as a web designer for almost two decades and keeping the technical aspects as simple as possible, my goal was to prove that typesetting on the web is fun and rewarding—not intimidating.

Four years later, this book desperately needed a revisit as webfonts continue to grow and variable fonts begin to emerge. I have been working on removing outdated information and expanding on new materials. I am redesigning the book website, adding more illustrations, and reworking the demos.

I will be on vacation for a week starting this Sunday. I am planning on working on this book at night after the kids go to bed. Financially, the time and effort aren’t worthwhile to do this, but I wanted to make an update to the book. The outdated information and scattering materials are bugging me. I ignored the book and thought of pulling the plug on it, but I decided to revise it anyway. Wish me luck!

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