Netflix Comedy Specials

I have never been a fan of Mike Epps’s comic style. He’s too much clowning for me. Nevertheless, I gave Only One Mike shot and still didn’t like it. His materials are crude (too much on sex) and all over the place. The only subject matter that stood out was when he revealed that he was picked up and placed in special education.

The heavily pregnant Colleen Ballinger transformed into her Miranda Sings character. She combines dancing, singing, and social-media advising into her standup special: Miranda Sings Live…Your Welcome. The show is filled with screaming kids and their parents. I am not sure if they got the Comic Sans joke.

I have not heard of Katherine Ryan before, but her Glitter Room becomes my latest favorite. She is a feminist and she isn’t shy away from it. She trashed men a lot, but you simply can’t be mad at her. Her materials are thoughtful and funny. She takes on Celine Dion, R. Kelly, and Bill Cosby. The little history about Alexander Hamilton is quite good. I love this one.