Moving Off Adobe Fonts

For the longevity of Vietnamese Typography, I have decided to move away from subscription-based service and host all fonts locally. As of today, my book website is no longer depending on Adobe Fonts. I have removed all fonts that have been served via Typekit, especially in the “Type Recommendations” section.

I am reaching out directly to the source to allow me to host the font files (WOFF2) on my site. Many thanks to the following type designers and foundries for providing me with copies of their web fonts: Darden Studio, Kilotype, Huerta Tipográfica, David Jonathan Ross, and Juanjo López.

While updating the site, I also went through and copyedited all the pages. This is what I love about using the web as a platform. I can continue to update and improve without having to reprint everything. My next step is to move off Google Fonts as well. I would like to keep this book online as long as I can. If I need to pass it off, I would like all fonts to continue to work. Moving off Adobe forced me to abandon some quality typefaces, but it is better for the long run. Jeremy Keith has been my inspiration for keeping an archive of my projects on my own site and not relying on a third party.

I will continue to acquire Vietnamese fonts when I have the resource. If you have Vietnamese-supported typefaces and would like to feature on my site, please get in touch.