Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho

Apparently Jeong, a Korean doctor turned actor, is famous and an unapologetic “minority millionaire.” He was in The Hangover and Dr. Ken. Both I have not watched. He was also in Crazy Rich Asian, which I did watch but could not remember his character until he mentioned it in his debut Netflix special: You Complete Me, Ho.

The title plays off his Vietnamese wife’s last name. If he learned to pronounce her name correctly with proper diacritics, which is Hồ not Ho, he would not be making fun of her name. The convenience of the word ho in English fits well with Jeong’s raunchy materials. Somehow two of the audience members who sat in the front also had the last name Ho. Is that a coincidence or a set up?

Nevertheless, his jokes are good, especially the ones about being a physician, and he speaks without an Asian accent. The tribute to his wife who is a breast cancer survivor is inspiring. It was the reason Netflix released this special on Valentine’s Day.

I am happy see another Asian comedian made it. Unfortunately I can’t let my kids watch it, but I can’t wait to tell my wife about a doctor who changed his career to become a comedian. She wanted our boys to become doctors; therefore, she had been mad at me for encouraging them to become comedians. They make tons of money for making people laugh. I didn’t say it will be easy. It would satisfied us both if they become doctors first then comedian. Then again, they won’t need to satisfy us. They just have to satisfy themselves.