RIP, Typekit

Adobe has pulled the plug on standalone Typekit plans; therefore, Typekit subscribers are screwed. I am forced to subscribe to Adobe products to use Adobe Fonts. I already have my Adobe products through the law school, but I want to keep Adobe Fonts separately for my own projects.

It would be ridiculous and wasteful to have two subscriptions of Adobe products, but if I don’t go with an Adobe plan next year, all my sites that are using Typekit will have no custom fonts.

The “Type Recommendation” on Vietnamese Typography will be heavily affected. To keep this resource forever, I will have to pay a monthly fee of at least $120 a year for Adobe XD or take down that section completely. My other option is to get rid of all the typefaces that are served through Adobe Fonts.

In the future, I will only recommend typefaces that I have a copy of the font files. If you are a type designer and would like to showcase on Vietnamese Typography, please contact me.

Jelle De Laender has also written about his concern.