Life is Full of Maintenance

I was at the dental office today to get my teeth maintenance. While the dentist worked on my nasty teeth, I realize that everything in life that you own needs a maintenance.

Your damn house needs a maintenance. If you are suck at housework like me, you will have to pay big bucks for all the maintenance. From the water pipes to the toilet, maintenance costs a fortune. Our HVAC is leaking water. There goes more maintenance.

I took our older mini-van to the dealer for an oil change on Monday, the technician recommended several maintenances that would cost almost two grants. Now I have to shop around to get lower price for a maintenance.

At work, I have to keep a maintenance of our CMS and server. Everything needs to be kept today to make sure that our sites won’t get hack. A huge chunk of my time is to maintain the content of our websites.

Relationships required maintenance as well. Our marriage will break if not well maintained. Our interactions with the people around us will lose if we do not keep in touch. Life is so full of maintenance. How do we get out of it?

I am contemplating on deactivating all my social media so that I don’t have to maintain those interactions anymore. In the near future, I will try to get rid of all the cars so that I don’t have to maintain them anymore. Once the kids all grown, I’ll buy a smaller townhouse so that I won’t need to maintaining the landscaping. The less dependent on all of these things will free me up from all the maintenance.