Friday Finds

I want to get back to finding design inspirations, particularly websites with strong typography.

Let’s kick off with my own portfolio site. I made some realignments. I dropped the grid to make the layout simpler. I am still using Roslindale and Bild, designed by David Jonathan Ross for his Font of the Month Club. I made the text much bigger.

Also setting in Roslindale, Jason Pamental redesigned his site using Roslindale’s variable font. I dig the resource section. Thanks for including my websites.

Yesterday, I noticed Vassar has a new design. Congratulations to the talented web team. Under the new director, they appear to be unifying the look and feel rather than letting it loose like when I was still there over a decade ago.

I came across twin soul studio. Very nice use of big types, colors, illustrations, and subtle motions.

The Intercept is definitely not new, but I like the typographic treatment. The infinite scrolling, however, drives me nuts. TechCrunch isn’t new either, but I like the grid layout on the homepage.

I took a recent issue of the Magnolia Journal at my brother-in-law’s house because I was impressed with the typesetting. I am feeling the itch to redesign this blog a bit. I want to make the text bigger, but also keep it readable. Will see.