No Free Ads for Car Dealers

After 15 years together, my poor 2003 Acura TL is in devastating condition. Its transmission is failing and it is spreading to other parts like cancer. I am still driving it, but I am afraid it will just die on me one of these days.

My wife and I have been shopping around for a while and we decided on another Toyota Sienna because it has the most room for our growing family. Our forth boy is coming out soon so just want to be done with the car situation.

Late Wednesday night, my wife and I went adopted a brand new 2018 Toyota Sienna SE. It’s a beautiful minivan and it just cost me a big fortune. I need to just let it go about the money issue. I hate making a big decision like this, but it is now a done deal. Just get over it.

The next morning I discovered a decal of Priority logo glued below the left rear headlight. The sales guy also attached its logo on the front and rear of my license plates. The plates I can easily take off, but I am not going to scrape off the decal and leave scratch marks.

I am not going to advertise for the dealer for free after it had charged me a huge amount of money. I wrote to Priority and asked for a small fee to have its logo displayed on my minivan as well as the front and rear license plates for the lifetime of the car. Of course, I did not get any response.

After work, I drove back to the dealer to have the decal remove. The sales guy was shocked that I wanted that done. He asked me if I was sure I wanted it to remove. Of course, I said yes. I don’t want to display the dealer’s logo on my car. I guess except for designers, most people don’t care.

It is ridiculous how much money the dealers have made with the car sales and they also want the buyers to advertise for them for free. We need to demand discounts or remove the logos. We can’t let them take advantage of us.