Font of the Month Club Renewed

I just renewed my membership for Font of the Month Club by David Jonathan Ross. I can’t believe it has been almost a year already. Time flies when you have fonts every month.

Even though these fonts are works in progress, I have been able to put them to use on this blog (current headings are set in Rhododendron) as well as my own site (Bild and Roslindale Text). I must sound like a broken record, but Vietnamese support in a typeface is crucial to me. I am glad David has included Vietnamese diacritics in every Font of the Month. I wish more type designers would make Vietnamese support part of their work-in-progress fonts as well.

After eleven months with eleven fonts, I am still a happy member. If you love playing with types, you’ll definitely find values in being a member. If you’re a design student, this is a good way to impress your professor and classmates without putting a whole in your wallet. As much as I love classic typefaces, I am getting tired of seeing Akzidenz-Grotesk, Helvetica, and Univers in every packaging, branding, and web design. It’s time step up your student projects with new fonts.

I am looking forward to getting all the fonts on the first day of each months to come. Thank you, David.