The Logo

Visualgui now has an actual logo. What is the visual pun behind it? I wish I had one. The logo is made up of nine squares and letters set in Futura. I just like grid and want a simple mark. It has the potential to be visually striking with various colors, but it is just 9 black squares. I am just going to roll with it and not overthink about it too much.

I also featured David Ross’s Khooster, a December’s Font of the Month. I wanted to see how an uncial script is used for Vietnamese. I picked out one of my favorite lines from Trịnh Công Sơn’s lyrics: “Chìm dưới đất kia một người sống thiên thu.” It’s loosely translated as “Sunken underneath the ground is a person who lives forever.” This is how I want my epitaph to be written and set.

I also freshened up I Love Ngọc Lan a bit. The text face is Vollkorn, designed by Friedrich Althausen. Headings are set in Paytone One, designed by Vernon Adams. The homepage featured a video Ngọc Lan recorded in 1993. It’s a perfect fit for the winter holiday season.

Elsewhere, Huge is redesigned. It’s a striking design and I love the huge typeface. That’s all I got for now.