Blog, Book & Portfolio Updates

I made a few updates to this blog, my Vietnamese Typography book, and my portfolio.

For this blog, the body text is now set in Ten Oldstyle, a Robert Slimbach latest typeface. In addition to being a beautiful book face, Ten Oldstyle has impeccable diacritics for Vietnamese. I simply can’t pass up the opportunity to put this typeface to work. For a better reading experience on screens, I use medium weight instead of normal.

For Vietnamese Typography, I revised the page on “Type Recommendations.” When I published this book, there were only a handful of typefaces that support Vietnamese. At least eight of the typefaces I recommend, designed by Robert Slimbach. Now support for Vietnamese diacritics is growing, I want to add new typefaces to the list. To make room for other designers, I grouped all the typefaces from one designer. For instance, I chose Acumin as a Slimbach sans serif and I encourage readers to check out Myriad and Pelago.

For my portfolio, I added a thumbnail to each project instead of just listing the text to entice visitors a bit. That’s pretty much all I have for now.