Overcoming My Fear of Heights

Since we bought our house, I have resisted to climb onto the roof, which is about 25 feet high from the ground. In 2015, strong winds blew off aluminum trims twice. I was too afraid to climb up to the roof; therefore, we had to pay $375 each time to repair and replace.

I tried to climb up with a telescoping multi-position ladder, but it was freaking scary. I felt useless for a long time and it has been one of the goals for me to overcome. As the wind has picked up recently, I noticed the nails had been loose. Sooner or later those aluminum trims will be blown off again.

On Sunday, I decided to drop by Home Depot to pick up an extended ladder. After watching a few YouTube video, I went back buy a ladder stabilizer. It worked well. I managed to get myself up on the roof to hammer in the loose nails and cleaned the gutters.

It was still pretty scary being 25 feet above the ground. I crawled and lay down on the stomach most of the time. It was such a beautiful day felt so good to finally beat my fear of heights.

Bonjour Vietnam