An Ignorant Take on iPhone X

I went to the Apple store and spent about twenty minutes with the new iPhone X. It feels nice and looks good, but it is worth $1,000 or more for new features such as Face ID, Animoji, and camera? Not for me.

I don’t care about Face ID. In fact, I might not feel comfortable scanning it every time I want to access my phone. I don’t care about Animoji. It looks childish. The camera is impressive, but it is not worth the price for me.

The display is not all screen as Apple has claimed. That notch stands out like a sore thumb on landscape mode. It makes webpages with full-browser background color look jarring. I am not going to change our codes to accommodate Apple’s fuckup.

As far as the user experience, iOS 11 isn’t too exciting, if not boring; therefore, I am not regret switching to the Pixel 2. Google has come a long way with its Android design. I have using the Pixel 2 for two weeks and I am happy with it.

For me, it came down to the price. I paid $550 for the Pixel 2. iPhone X costs almost double. Even though I could afford it, it just seems to be a huge waste. So the iPhone X is not for me; therefore, I settled for the next best smartphone. If you can drop a grant for a smartphone then iPhone X is for you. What you are paying for is the brand not the practicality.