Delaney Ruston’s documentary on screen addiction hits close to home. My wife and I had witnessed extinction bursts when we asked our kids to turn off their digital device. They got addicted before we realized it. Fortunately, my wife has been able to limit screen time to weekends only. The limitation has worked out well. They don’t overreact anymore.

The film does demonstrate the kids’ resiliency. They will overcome the addiction if we set boundary and stay firm. As parents, we need to control our own impulse as well. I haven’t had a cellphone for two months and I am much happier without it. I carry a book with me instead. I have to get a new phone for work. I pre-ordered a Pixel 2, but I am now debating whether I should get it. I will continue to limit my usage at home.

Screen addition is not new, but it is something that parents have to deal with. Talk to your kids and set the balance for them.