Where Are Web Design Resources?

I have not been keeping up with the latest web design and development in the past year. Many years ago, I stayed up-to-date with my RSS reader, but web designers and developers don’t blog much anymore. Then Twitter became my source for design and development. Unfortunately 95% of my Twitter feed is now about politics. I rarely find tweets about web design anymore. I used to read technical books on web design and development, but those books are also not being published as much as they used to.

Then again, my design and development approach is pretty old school. I don’t use any frameworks. I try to write clean HTML and as few CSS lines as I can. I only use JavaScript when I absolutely have to. I still prefer clean, simple design over parallax scrolling and complex layout. Typography matters the most to me. The text has to be readable. I don’t set out to create cool, hip, and trendy sites. I create long-lasting web.

Because of my design sensibility, I don’t need to learn every new framework that comes out. I don’t need to keep up with every new tricks and techniques. I just have to keep my eyes on new CSS development to do more things like typographic controls and grid layouts.