Resetting Typographically Trịnh

Over the long weekend, I reworked Typographically Trịnh to take out typefaces served via Google Fonts. As much as I wanted to use some new faces from Google directory, its issue in Safari—missing Vietnamese fonts—makes the service unusable. I knew the issue way before I started Typographically Trịnh, but I wanted them to see the problem so they can resolve it. Sadly they still have not done anything.

Now I am forced to use only Typekit, which limits my choices for setting type in Vietnamese, but I know for sure that know for sure that it will display correctly everywhere. In addition, Typekit service is outstanding. I reported similar  issue a while ago and fixed it within a few days. Google Fonts, on the other hand, has done nothing for many months.

It’s a shame that they have a decent selection of Vietnamese typefaces, but they are not usable on the web. I really do hope they will resolve the issue soon.