Drugs & Sugar

Over the weekend I managed two watch two informative documentaries on Netflix. Chris Bell’s Prescription Thugs interviews athletics (mostly wrestlers) who are addicted to painkillers. Michèle Hozer’s Sugar Coated shows how the food industries add toxic sugar into their processed food. If you have some down time, check them out. They are both worth watching.

For me, drug is not a problem yet. Even though I popped Tylenols every time I had a hangover. That part of my life is in the past now. I was taking some Naproxen to help ease my foot problem. It works like magic, but I stopped as soon as the pain goes away. Hopefully I won’t have to depend on painkiller in the future for injuries that will cause chronic pains.

For sugar, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I used to crave for flan, cheesecake, or donuts, when I drank coffee. Now without coffee, I don’t feel the temptation anymore. I am more worried about our son Đán. Like most kids his age, he loves candy. I am guilty as hell for giving sweet treats when I pick him up from daycare. I am stopping that now. Đạo used to love candy too, but after his tooth problems, he has been very good at controlling his sweet intake. Amazingly enough, Đán has no cavity yet despite his love for sugary food. Still, Sugar Coated is a good reminder to be more strict with him about sugar. As parents we have to make these choices for him.

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