Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

Ali Wong is a funny, filthy, and witty Vietnamese-Chinese American comedian who doesn’t give a fuck. Even with a seven-and-a-half-month pregnancy, she delivered a solid special, Baby Cobra, that is now streaming on Netflix.

She tackles a variety of topics ranging from anal sex, feminism, pregnancy, race to white privilege. One of her best jokes in Baby Cobra is about feeling powerful when a white man eats her pussy. She just absorbing all the entitlement from a white dude. On feminism, she thinks it is the worst thing that could happen to women. Their jobs used to be no job. On anal sex, she encourages women to stick their thumb up their men’s ass and married couple to change it up.

Wong’s materials are bold, sensitive, and smart. She is as unapologetic as George Carlin and Louis CK. By performing while pregnant and being open about her career with a baby, she is making a statement on the role of a female comic in the industry. I have tremendous respect for her.

You did it, my little cunt (Wong’s term for a woman with executive leadership skills).