From Web to Print

The tagline—Learn. Challenge. Lead.—I designed to be placed on the footer of the Mason Law website has been a huge hit. Staff and faculty members have been requesting a small version of the tagline to include with their email signature. The president of the school digs it. A huge banner has been printed to put on the building.

The design process was simple. Myriad Pro was chosen because it is a simple but authoritative typeface. The word “Learn” was set in white because white associates with pure. When the students come to Mason Law their minds are pure and ready to learn. The word “Challenge” was set in orange because the bright color radiates energy and stimulation. The students are here to learn to to challenge. The word “Lead” was set in gold because it is the color of success, achievement, and triumph. The students are ready to lead once they go into the real world.

It didn’t take me long to design that tagline, but all the reasons went into thinking process made it a success.