60 Days of ProWebType

In addition to celebrating Independence Day, the Fourth of July marks 60 days into the launch of my independent web-based book titled Professional Web Typography. I wrote about the economics of the book in its first 30 days and now I am providing some updates on its next 30 days.

At this point, the buzz around the book has subsided. Between May and June, according to Google Analytics, the sessions plummeted from 18,075 to 4,802; the users decreased from 11,578 to 2,233; and the pageviews plunged from 50,399 to 10,014. The number of payments had dropped from 76 to 20. On the positive side, the lowest payment is $5 compared to $0.01 from last month. As stated in previous announcement, I would send a PDF version of the book to support of $7 or more. As a result, most of the payments are $7. 

I am expecting to see even less traffic in the future. Nevertheless, it has been a good experiment and I appreciate all the support.