Is There a Print Version of Professional Web Typography?

I have been getting a handful of inquiries about a print version of Professional Web Typography. Even my professor suggested that I should go for it. And here’s an email from a reader:

Hi Donny!

I just discovered your book, it is fantastic. I’m a graphic design student who has learned a lot of typographic specifics, but none directed at web usage, so this is a really great tool.

As much as I love what you’ve done, this is exactly the kind of book I would want to buy as a physical thing. Do you have any plans to setup some kind of publishing? If not, I’m considering copying the content, laying it out myself and printing and binding it myself (only to be used for personal use of course).

Graphic Designer and Enthusiast

I have no plan to make a print version for several reasons. First, the book about web typography should live and be read on the web. Second, I took the advantage of the web to keep the book as succinct as possible. If readers want to learn more, I have provided links to other resources throughout the book. Third, readers can download and practice the examples I have uploaded to GitHub. Forth, I am about to graduate with a MA in graphic design, and yet I am still don’t know my way around InDesign. I am getting really good with Illustrator though. All the illustrations in the book are created with Illustrator because I love SVG. With all the benefits of the web, I don’t see any reason for me to go print, even though, I must admit, I still love reading books on paper.