Updated The Site and Added CSS Demos

Yesterday I saw the following tweet from Ben Tambling:

Love type resources, and this is a gem, but is it just me that finds the site itself a bit lacking in readability?

As I was processing what he meant, Ben sent me a personal email explaining to me that the text is a bit small on a large screen. Within minutes, I made the update to make the type much bigger on desktop. All I did was uncommenting some of the CSS lines I had in my SASS file. When designing for the site, I had the text size larger for desktop, but then I decided to stay at 16 pixels for consistency across devices. After I made the update, Ben tweeted:

Update #2: Very honoured to have Donny listen to my feedback regarding the site, now reads like a dream.

I am glad that Ben pointed it out because I like the new changes. Not only the text is more readable, but also the justified text looks like you’re reading a book. Another issue got fixed is the drop cap. It looks much more consistency now in different browsers. In the previous design, the drop cap was inconsistent because I only used CSS. Firefox was always a few pixel off the baseline. Someone at Adobe pointed out to me that although I talked about dropcap.js in my book, I was not using it on the site. Although I played with dropcap.js, I didn’t implement it because I didn’t want to add JavaScript and the drop cap didn’t behaved as it should in Firefox. Somehow the drop cap blew up twice the size it was supposed to be. The problem had to do with Adobe Caslon Pro, the typeface I used for the body copy. When I use Myriad Pro or Source Code Pro, the drop cap looked fine in Firefox. As a result, I kept CSS for my drop cap. I hope that browsers will implement the initial-letter property soon to make drop caps work consistently on the web.

As for the buzz, Professional Web Typography was featured in issue 23 of “Product Design Weekly.”

Love this tweet from Sonia Su:

Aspiring to make my website & résumé as simply beautiful as @visualgui’s! #obsessed #typography

I am also getting contribution from some readers. To show my appreciation, I added some CSS demos to “Practicing Typography” for them to play with. Thank you for supporting this project.

Lastly, thanks to Ms. Nguyen for a big shout-out.