The Modest Success of Launching the Book Site

On Sunday night, I spent several hours polishing Professional Web Typography. At around 2am on Monday, I launched the site, published the announcement, and notified Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Went to sleep and woke up three and half hours later when my iPhone gave me this notification. One tweet from Tim took off.

Jeremy Keith has written up about it in his 100-word series. The Pipe has chose it to be “Pick of the Day.” BeBe Ragsdale, my MA classmate, says: “This book is definitely one of a kind!” I couldn’t be happier. I am glad that the book is well-received.

One of the things that I seem to give the wrong impression is that the book is free. Although all the contents are available to the public, the book is not free. If readers find this book is useful, they can pay what they want for it. I explain the pricing model in the support section. I take on this project with deep passion and serious intention. I wanted readers to enjoy reading the book, learning from it, and supporting it.