Status on Book and Final Project

My writing on Professional Web Typography is going well. The content is shaping up. I hired a copyeditor to help me with proofreading. I also began to work on the design of the site. Once the editing is done, I’ll invite some friends to look at the book. If everything goes as planned, I should have the book live at the end of April.

My research for the final project on Understanding Vietnamese Typography is so far so good. I have been learning quite a bit about Vietnamese grammar and diacritical marks. I am sure this project will help type designers and typographer understand Vietnamese typography. I can’t even wait to begin to work on the web site, but that won’t happen until the fall. So I still have plenty of time to work on the content.

Spring break is next week. Since I don’t attend any class, my schedule will be the same. I came in the art building the first time last night since last semester to speak to students about web presence. Thanks to Jim for inviting me to speak and treating me to dinner. I used the opportunity to practice my public speaking. I did well (I think). I was not nervous at all, but my stomach was hurting afterward. Maybe all that butterflies was trembling inside of me while I gave the lecture.