Building Trust with Users

The following note is taken from an UIE seminar presented by Steph Hay.

Set real expectations

Using words people actually say

Know yourself

You’re real. People trust real.

4 techniques for writing real-person content

  1. Test message in AdWords: Write user-oriented messages to test for clicks (nor conversions)
    • Specific: “Eating out too much? Learn how to budget”
    • Generic: “Know your finances. Save money. Worry less.”
  2. Embrace the unsexy words used in organic searches: Being found isn’t about selling or educating or being clever—it’s about being found
    • Toutapp: Write your Sales Email faster & know what happens after you hit “Send.”
  3. Look at entry points and top content in Google Analytics: Write more of what visitors are looking at…be proactive
    • Tealet found that its blog posts draws customers.
  4. The mom test: Your personal bullshit meter
    • If you’d feel like a tool saying it to your mom, you probably sound like a tool.

4 techniques for meeting expectations

  1. Don’t be abrupt: Be helpful even when you fail. After all, you set their expectations in the first place.
  2. Make your forms fail-proof: Be explicit in microcopy and specific in validations so the user always “wins” upon submit.
  3. Anticipate the gaps: Sweating the details of error messages or 404 pages shows
    you’re there even when stuff goes wrong.
  4. Ask users two questions:
    1. Why did you [sign up]?
    2. Why [do] you keep coming back?