Teaching Web Design

Starting next Monday, I will teach a course on web design and usability at the George Mason University’s School of Art. A fellow grad student approached me about the opportunity before I took off for our family reunion. I accepted the challenge last Tuesday when we were flying back to Virginia from Las Vegas. Since then, I only slept from 4:30 in the morning until 8 to prepare for the course. I only have a week and a half to develop a lesson plan, write the syllabus, design projects and create a course site. I am happy but exhausted to report that I almost have everything ready.

For this course, my ambition is to teach students not only the principles of web design and usability, but to learn to code basic but responsive web pages. I want students to have the foundation to make their own web site. I hope I can do it. I am very excited about this new adventure. I have a passion for teaching and have been wanting to give it a shot. Even though the opportunity came in at the very last minute, I couldn’t pass it up. I will be teaching 18 students including three of my grad classmates.

Because I wanted to continue my education and not slowing it down, I proposed using my teaching for a four-credit studio course. Even though I will be doing a whole lot more work as a teacher than a student, I think the experience is worth it. My wife also encouraged me to so. I am so glad to have her support because I can’t do it without her helping out with the kids.

I am also taking a required course on Graphic Design History. The good thing is that I already read the entire book over the summer. Obviously I wouldn’t remember everything, but I will read it again to refresh my memory. Looking forward to the starting school and class.