What is a Typographer?

Ruari McLean, True to Type, (Author’s preface):

Type is only a tool. It is one method of communication. Typography is the art, or skill, of using that tool in the most useful way for the purpose intended. The typographer is the person who exercises that art, or skill.

The words do not necessarily have to be read easily, but they have to be read unmistakably, and in the right frame of mind, by the right people.

It is the unique fascination of the typographer’s problem that it involves both design and literature. The designer who has no feeling for words will never make a good typographer.

A piece of typography may be ‘beautiful’: that is to say, pleasing to the eye. But to whose eye? If it is not pleasing to the eye of the customers it is intended to please, it is not a well-design job.