Dropping Support for Legacy Browsers

As of today Visualgui is no longer supporting legacy browsers, particularly Internet Explore 8 and below. The markups have been revised and to take advantage of the new HTML elements. Without providing support for older browsers the markups are much more simplified, but the main reason for the switching is to improve accessibility with ARIA roles.

After listening to Bruce Lawson talking about ARIA roles baked in HTML5 default elements on “The Web Ahead” (episode #74) with Jen Simmons, I was inspired to do my research on it. Even though I have already used ARIA roles a few years already, I have learned that I didn’t use them quite correctly. After some Googling, I found the documentation on “Using WAI-ARIA in HTML” from W3C to be very helpful, especially the recommendations table.

As much as I want to support legacy browsers, I ought to move forward. After all this is my personal site. It is a place that allowing me to experiment. So if you are using legacy browsers, I apologize that Visualgui might not render correctly. If you can, please consider upgrading your browser.

Another significant change is that the text on Visualgui is now powered by Typekit.

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