One Semester Down

Last night’s portfolio presentation wrapped up the spring 2014 semester. Instead of doing an independent study for one credit, I opted in for a forth seminar. The focus on analog type turned out to fun even though I am horrible with doing crafts with my hands. The projects were somewhat challenging, but they gave me an opportunity to play. I had a blast handcrafting types.

The 4-credit Professional Design Practices turned out to be very useful. The class helped me improve my presentation skills. I am now more confidence in talking and showing my work to a small crowd. We also had lectures came to teach us speaking skills, inform us about the industry and share their experience in the work force. The professor was encouraging and sharing.

The workload was not so bad. Even though I enjoyed the classes, I am ready for the summer. We already have a few vacation spots planned. I can’t wait to spend time with my lovely girl and boys and catching up on readings.